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10K Lm Super Scene Light

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10K Lm Super Scene Light

Lithium battery-powered, rechargeable outsider portable lights for lighting.



  • Portable lights with 12v socket and USB port
  • Easy to install and change spot to flood
  • Designed to meet IPX5
  • 180° & 360° illumination
  • Combined tripod and case, making for a very stable base.


  • Model #: 5JG-RLS859
  • Rated Power: 108w
  • Brightness: 10000Lm

12V 24Ah Lithium Battery

  • Running Time: 6 hours (high), 12 hours (medium), 22 hours (low)
  • Charging Time: 8 hours
  • Maximum Height: 1.6m



10K Lm Super Scene Light