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FlareAlert LED Road Beacon

FlareAlert LED Road Beacon

The Flare Alert Road Beacon is an all purpose road safety LED light, for use during road emergencies or hazardous situations - changing tyres etc.



  • Safety: The Flare Alert is safe to use in any situation.
  • Versatile: The FlareAlert serves as an emergency signal in literally any situation.
  • Quick and easy to use – simply switch on and place directly on the road to be seen, or the magnetic base will stick to the side of your vehicle.

Colours Available: 



  • 1.0 watt LED
  • Flash Modes: Double Flash / Steady
  • Crush resistance: 20,000 lb vehicle
  • Magnetic base - sticks to your vehicle
  • Waterproof and skid resistant
  • Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life:
    • Flash Mode - 30+ hrs
    • Steady Mode - 10+ hrs
  • Specs: 3.75" x 3.75’’ x 1.75’’
  • Weight: 8oz - with batteries

FlareAlert LED Road Beacon